Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

We are here to create confident, professional and skilled young people with an understanding of theatre etiquette who are responsible young performers.

Theatre Etiquette

At The Star Project we offer a high standard of professional training for children in the arts. We feel it’s important to communicate this to parents and children from the outset so that you can consider whether The Star Project is the right place for your child. Please read this carefully with your child before enrolling.

The Star Project is not a “kids club” and whilst we keep fun at the heart of our sessions we are here to deliver the correct training and appreciation of discipline required by any successful artist.

Many of our students go on to audition and work professionally for casting agencies and TV and film companies. Representing The Star Project and themselves at all times, we aim to build this understanding in them from a young age, so that they can be the very best versions of themselves and a wonderful example to others.

Our Team and Teaching Style

Our team are highly-skilled professionals who work at a high level with our students. There are certain things that we expect as standard and we encourage good discipline.

At The Star Project our team often use loud voices, high energy and a direct approach and when working musically with loud tracks and a large group of children this is necessary.

This does not mean your child is being shouted at. We never shout at children, however it’s important that they are aware and prepared especially in the older age groups for this style and approach as often it can be mistaken for the above.

Your children will learn skills at SP which they can take forward into all aspects of their lives so that they become outstanding young people who are great team players and assets to the other groups they become part of.

Preparing for Class

We expect the following:

  • Always show up in the correct uniform
  • Hair tied neatly back off face
  • To have their script with them at all rehearsals with a pencil and a folder
  • To show good focus and listening
  • To have caught up on anything missed before the session by communicating with other students
  • Not to talk when the Director or Choreographer is talking
  • To behave in a professional manner
  • To show respect to each other and their teachers
  • To dedicate time at home to learning lines and practicing dances and songs
  • To understand that learning the material for a show is their responsibility.

Scripts and Materials

During your child’s time at The Star Project they will be given many materials for their rehearsals and shows. These materials are often emailed to you directly and it is your responsibility to print them. Children must bring their scripts, a pencil, an eraser and folder to EVERY rehearsal. This encourages them to be responsible young people.

We regularly stress the importance of:

  • How to take care of their scripts
  • How important scripts are as a tool for actors and actresses
  • To hold their script and not leave on the floor
  • To mark up their scripts with their pencils and their lines/parts,notes, stage directions, characters etc

These are all things that are very important to be ready to perform a musical in a professional setting. There is a lot to learn when taking part in a show. It is not just how many lines are in a script children need to consider:

  • Stage Directions
  • Spacing 
  • Lyrics
  • Songs
  • Choreography 
  • Character work 

Casting and Parts

Here at The Star Project we have a no tolerance policy for parents who ask for their children to be given more lines in a show or complain about casting. We take a strong interest in ensuring that children are challenged. However as the professionals, we ask that you trust in our abilities and reasons for casting.

We believe:

  • Development in the arts and how successful or important you are in a show is not defined by how many lines there are within a script.
  • As actors and performers, having an ensemble part should be celebrated. A child’s role in a show includes learning songs, dances, spacing and stage directions. They do not simply learn their lines, deliver them and then leave the stage so please support our message by reminding children of this if they Express disappointment at not having “more lines”.

We never underestimate the importance of giving each child a fair opportunity to shine and we do all we can to feature everyone as much possible in our shows. Inevitably, the nature of theatre means that there are roles of different sizes, all of which are integral and vital to the end product.

Lead roles require the performer to be able to demonstrate a wide range of techniques from the ability to retain lines, singing technique and acting challenges that come from experience. We would not cast an inexperienced performer in a lead role as it would not be fair on them at that stage.

Younger and less confident students are given smaller roles that they will feel comfortable with. As they progress through Star Project, they will be given the opportunity to take on bigger challenges when they are ready. This is a decision that should be made by the professional team and not parents.

Progress and Expectations

We understand not every child wants to continue into a professional career in the arts and that is absolutely fine. However this doesn’t mean they will not be expected to show the same level of professionalism whilst in our classes.

When children are performing at their end of term shows they will be representing SP and must be professional for their own safety. The skills they learn in this setting will help them on their paths to becoming doctors, teacher, entrepreneurs, firefighter, scientists and any other wonderful career path they choose for adulthood.

We believe that when you see the level of the shows and the improvement of skills and confidence in your child you will see how positive our approach is.

Please remember that if we don’t communicate with children what is acceptable and what isn’t then we are not contributing to their overall improvement, learning and setting a good standard.

As a company we can only promise you our passion for giving these children the very best opportunities is what SP is all about. Please trust us. Being a Star Project pupil will change their lives forever and they will become part of our supportive and caring theatre family.

We aim to give you, the parents, confidence that we are continuously teaching the children good manors and etiquette and delivering that positive message to them through all that theatre has to offer.

You have made a fantastic decision and we welcome you to The Star Project.

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